We handle the full cycle of medical billing, from providing your patients with a summary of their health insurance coverage and expected costs, to invoicing the patient once the insurance processes the claim. We also provide customized administrative assistance and detailed reporting tailored to your organization’s needs.

insurance benefits & policy verification

We provide a detailed benefit summary, including copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket status. We inform the provider of any authorizations needed for further treatment of a given patient.

EEP billing agency - Insurance benefits and policy verification services

EEP billing agency - authorization services



We can complete and submit authorizations at your request for any insurance provider.

claims & A/R maintenance

We keep a close eye on aging claims for your facility and ensure that we follow up in a timely manner. We handle any issues as they arise, like providing medical documentation or handling erroneous denials.

EEP billing agency - Claims & A/R maintenance services

EEP billing agency - Electronic claim submission

Electronic Claim Submission

We submit your claims to insurance companies as they require it. Most claims will be submitted electronically, but we also bill claims on paper if medical documentation must be attached. We have experience billing Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial, Workman’s Comp, and Auto Insurance claims.

Specialized Administrative Duties

If you are seeking other medical administrative services, we can most likely provide them for you. Outside of the services already listed, we provide general consulting, specialized reporting, and more.

EEP billing agency - Specialized therapy administration consulting services

EEP billing agency - Detailed reporting services

Detailed Reporting

We have access to many reports that can help you track the health of your practice. These include very specific reports regarding the amount of services you provide, insurance agings to show you which claims have not been paid, and patient statements detailing a private payor’s history. Other customized reporting is available at your request.