Frequently Asked Questions

Does EEP charge a start-up fee?

Yes. EEP charges a minimal start-up fee to cover the cost of the administrative expense of initial set-up with our clearinghouse and billing software.

I’ve heard other billing agencies promise to increase my cash flow. 

Why doesn’t EEP sell this service?

EEP’s mission is to form a partnership with your practice. Our goal is to streamline efficiency in your therapy practice, which allows you to focus your attention on your patients, not on paperwork. The end result is also an increase in “cash flow.” Our strategic focus is not to sell you a “cash flow” opportunity, but rather a way to more positively expand your practice and help as many patients as possible.

Are you able to vary your schedule of billing?

Yes, we are able to accommodate any and all billing variations. We understand the differences required in billing some patients.

How often does EEP send out billing?

EEP sends out billing one time per week for each client.

We have two cycles of invoicing for our services. We invoice on the 1st of the month and the 15th of the month.

When would I be billed for your services?

Are you able to work on claims that have not yet been satisfied through my previous biller?

Yes, we have done this for many providers. If you provide us an unpaid claim listing, we can work the previous claims to try to get them paid.

What type of records do you keep?

If I get audited, will you have records of my bills and vouchers, or do I need to keep these up?

Our software keeps all personal healthcare information (PHI) secure and, if needed, accessible to our clients. We have the ability to run reports that will assist with audits for commercial, federal, and state payors. We’ve had clients that have been through audits before and never had an issue. We also keep EOBs on file in a searchable database, but do recommend that you keep your own copies.

Why should I use a billing agency instead of hiring someone directly to handle my billing?

There are many advantages to using a billing agency. Unlike your in-house staff, we do not go on vacation and we provide the training to our employees ourselves. You don’t have to worry about whether your cash flow will decrease because your biller is out of the office or due to a holiday. You don’t have to worry about the effect of a biller leaving your practice and having to train someone new just to get paid.

The most important advantage to using a billing agency, however, is our ability to see issues on a mass scale. We don’t have to worry “Is this denial issuing happening to just me?” like you do. Because we do billing for many providers, we know whether issues are provider-specific or payor-specific and we can react accordingly. We see trends in the healthcare industry and keep our providers up to date on those trends by sending our newsletters and mass emails. If we hear about several providers in an area receiving raises from an insurance company, we’ll let you know and suggest that you seek the same increase in reimbursement. Your success is our success!

We are available by email or phone from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. If you are unable to reach us immediately by phone, we will respond to emails or voicemails within 24 hours.

What are EEP’s hours of operation?