EEP has been our billing company since 2015. Steve, and his staff are committed to providing quality service and addressing our business needs. Anytime our company needs help with existing services or expanding services, EEP is there to help. Their staff are very professional and very attentive to our business. Our business has grown because of the quality of services EEP has provided. If you want a company committed to your success, you want EEP.
— Jill Conley, Office Manager, Progressive Pediatric
We are a new clinic in a small town and have been with EEP since June 2016. Steve and Chris have been so helpful in getting us up and running. They are more than just a billing service; they understand the physical therapy industry and respond to our questions in a timely manner. I’m so happy to have EEP as our partner in the business of health care.
— Marcey Keefer Hutchison, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, CMP, George Fox Physical Therapy
I have owned my private practice for over 10 years and can testify to the unmeasurable benefits that Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP) has contributed to my business since 2010. Steve and his staff are fast, friendly, and extremely helpful. Billing can be an overwhelming, time-consuming, and frustrating process. EEP makes the process of billing painless. Since using EEP I have had more claims paid and don’t spend hours chasing money for services provided by myself or my staff. Thank you Steve for you and your staff’s services, it’s the reason I can sleep peacefully at night.
— Meric O'Grady, MA, CCC-SLP, A. Meric O'Grady Speech and Language Pathology
I have been a client of EEP since January 2003. During that time, EEP has been instrumental in the growth of my business and profit margins. They are more like extended family to me. EEP is dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about getting therapists and therapy practices paid in a timely fashion. They work to build relationships with carriers and various funding agencies and put those relationships to work for the benefit of their clients. EEP is ethical and cares for the wellbeing of their clients’ businesses. I can say with 100% certainty, my business would not have grown to the capacity it is now without EEP on our team. Steve, Chris, and the rest of the EEP team are the best in the business, hands down!
— Melissa Malani, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, ASHA ACE Recipient, Florida Speech-Language Pathology, Inc.
EEP has been processing my accounts since November 2007! They are timely, efficient and effective with getting my claims processed. Their communication is top notch and if there is ever a concern I know I can call or email them with a quick response. I will continue to use EEP and look forward to working with their staff in the future!
— Cheryl Townsend, MA, CCC-SLP, ABC Therapies of FL, Inc.
I have been working with EEP since 2011 and have been happy with their service from day one. When I first started my practice I had no idea what I was getting into! Steve and his team guided me along the way and provided invaluable information to get my practice up and running. Without their help I would not be where I am today. They are so much more than a billing company- they are truly a business partner. I couldn’t be happier!
— Jamie Davis, MA, CCC-SLP, Heart to Heart Speech Therapy
Colleagues referred me to Edwards Electronic Processing in 2012. I have been impressed with their vast knowledge and understanding of the medical claim world and solid ethics. Edwards Electronic Processing has played an integral part in our growth we have experienced. I would not trust anyone else to handle all of our billing needs.
— Megan Morgan, Speak Easy Solutions, LLC
EEP offers outstanding service! We have used other billing companies in the past and there is no comparison. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and resolve billing problems quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they offer credentialing services which has helped our company grow. EEP has been our billing company since 2011.
— Jennifer Autenrieth, MA, CCC-SLP, Yakety Yak Speech-Language Pathologists, Inc.
EEP has been foundational to our business’ success since we opened Metamorphosis Therapy, LLC in 2008. They have provided guidance and wisdom to us for the last 8 years and are more than merely our billing agency, they are our business family. Steve and Roxanne Edwards have gone above and beyond to advise us on the current topics in the insurance world and always steer us in the right direction. Their dedicated team is fast, thorough, and have always provided us with the highest quality of care. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for all their advice and help not only with billing, but with the therapy industry as a whole. Thank you EEP!
— Bridget Dimant, M.S., CCC-SLP, Metamorphosis Therapy, LLC
I have been a client of Edwards Electronic Processing since approximately 1997 and have always received excellent service. Steve and Roxanne Edwards have made billing for my private practice a painless process and have taken care of my needs as if I was their only client. They have always been more than willing to accommodate for the changes in my business needs, always offering personalized care. I am truly blessed to have them as my billing agents, knowing that they have my best interest at heart. I have recommended EEP to several colleagues and they continue to be extremely happy with the services they receive. I highly recommend EEP to anyone that is looking for a professional, knowledgeable and personalized billing service.
— Claudia Silva, PT, CST-D, CIMBE, Allphysio Therapy Services, LLC
Steve Edwards was an incredible help when I decided to open Speech Innovations. I started with EEP in 2014. His knowledge and insight into the ‘therapy world’ and how to work with insurances is immeasurable.
His years of experience in billing, working with insurance companies, and helping to grow therapy practices gives him the opportunity to share so much with all of his clients. Steve is always willing to offer his opinion and suggestions on how to improve aspects of our practice. He advocates for his clients and will always try to fight for us until the end!

EEP always goes above and beyond when assisting us; whether it be with insurance claims, phone calls, therapist credentialing, etc.

EEP is a major part of Speech Innovations, and are thankful to have the opportunity to partner with them.
— Jane Autenrieth, Speech-Language Pathologist, Speech Innovations
UCP of Tampa Bay has been using Edwards Electronic Billing since November 2008. We originally searched out a billing company when we realized that our outstanding AR balance was much larger than we had realized, and our billing was more than one person could manage. EEP has a complete staff of experts that handle our billing from the time a claim is billed to the time it is paid. What a relief to know that this is all taken care of with such expertise and attention to detail! Also, with the timeliness and regularity of our billing submissions, or cash flow has improved dramatically.
As a value added, Steve and his team have proved to be wonderful advocates for therapy providers all over the state. They have built trusted and solid relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders and these relationships have proved invaluable many, many times over the years.

I cannot say enough great things about EEP. They help tremendously with the day to day fiscal and operational aspects of our therapy program and this allows me to focus on other aspects of the business. They always go above and beyond, always respond quickly to my requests and questions, and always do so with a smile!
— Laura White, M.S., CCC-SLP, UCP of Tampa Bay, Inc.
We started doing business with EEP right after opening our clinic in 2013 and I truly do not know where we would be without them. The guidance, knowledge, and support that Stephen and his staff has provided has been well above and beyond what you would expect from a billing company. They are just as concerned with the well-being of our business as with their own and we will always be grateful to them for that. They treat each client like family and offer so much support to try and help to find ways to improve your business. They go above and beyond and always respond in a timely manner. Our clinic is better because of the relationship and support that EEP provides.
— Brittany McCutcheon, MCD, CCC-SLP, Path to Progress, LLC
Since 2003, Whole-Sum Therapies has been using Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP) as our billing agent. We are a company that provides Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapies and we have always received first-rate care and attention from EEP. They handle all kinds of third party payers and have important insider contacts with most of them. EEP gets all of our billing problems resolved quickly. The highly trained staff of EEP returns our calls and our emails quickly too.
Stephen Edwards, who founded EEP, has personally offered us guidance on how to deal with insurances and government payers such as Medicaid and Medicare so that we are in compliance with their requirements. We rely on EEP to process our billing quickly and accurately and they never let us down. Stephen even comes to our clinic to meet with us on important topics. When there were complex issues Stephen gave advice to our billing staff and answered their questions in person.

EEP can provide all types of reports that help you analyze your therapy practice, such as aging reports, billings by therapist, payer payment breakdowns, etc. EEP is locally based and covers the state of Florida, so you get help that specifically applies to your Florida-based business.

As an owner of Whole-Sum Therapies I am extremely pleased to be able to give my whole-hearted endorsement to Stephen Edwards and EEP as an outstanding business you can trust with your billing needs.
— Larry Smith, Treasurer, Whole-Sum Therapies, Inc.
Achieve Pediatric Therapy has been working with EEP since the start of our practice in July 2007. Over the past 9 years, Achieve and EEP have created a very positive and close working relationship. We view Steve Edwards and the EEP team as an extension of our own practice. Steve Edwards goes above just therapy/medical billing to provide advocacy, education, counsel and a voice for therapy providers in the ever-changing healthcare environment. Steve has always remained a very involved member of the Central Florida therapy community by attending provider meetings, advocating for his clients, meeting with insurance and local representatives, and staying informed of the changes that impact practice owners and therapy providers in Florida. The goal is always to help our practice provide the very best for the children and families we serve. EEP is a tremendous resource to our practice. I can’t imagine doing this work without the resources, knowledge and expertise provided by EEP.
— Heather Gray, Achieve Pediatric Therapy